Day 190 – Radio chooses Pixies cover blog post

I hadn’t heard anything from Pixies in quite a long while. Not particularly out of choice, just that I hadn’t specifically hunted down anything from them to listen to for maybe a few weeks.

And then this cover fell onto my timeline this morning. The guy’s name is Dan Dubuque, the instrument is a Weissenborn Slide Guitar, and the track is Where Is My Mind? by… well… Pixies.

Still, enjoyable though this is, is it really fit for a blog post? I decided to go and collect the kids from school while I considered my options (which were basically ‘yes’ or ‘no’). I was actually erring on the side of no, but then, just as we pulled into the driveway, the radio began playing Here Comes Your Man by Pixies.

Clearly a sign.

And so that’s why you’ve got a Weissenborn Slide Guitarist from Montana on your screen right now. His covers of Pumped Up Kicks and Heart Shaped Box are quite fun as well and look less like they’re filmed in a building site with nice views.

And sure, the Weissenborn Slide Guitar might not be your favourite instrument – hell, it might not even be your favourite guitar – but there’s still something about watching someone do a great job of something they are passionate about. How else would you know about how cool the hammered dulcimer is, if not for a little experimentation in your life?