Day 163 – A Youtube ad that I actually enjoyed

I was served this advert this morning ahead of a video I was going to watch.

I automatically skip all the Youtube ads as soon as I am able to, but this one caught my attention, I watched it all the way through and I actually quite enjoyed it.

I mean, yes, it clearly starts in San Francisco and then races to Pretoria, but other than that mild inconsistency, very amusing. (To be honest, I’m also rather irritated that the thumbnail gives the plot away a bit, but these are mild concerns.)

Sadly, in looking it up to share here, I typed the name of the company into the Youtube search bar, and so you can guess what has been on the front end of every subsequent video I have opened since then.

So tomorrow, look out for a new post on here:

Day 164 – A Youtube ad that I am thoroughly sick of.

Sanitise [psst]