Another Vineyard Visit

When we went wandering through the vineyards last weekend, I remarked – more than once – that I wished that I had my long lens with me. Not because the Nifty Fifty isn’t fun: it’s a lot of fun. More that there were a million canaries, sunbirds, frogs and even some baboons that I would have loved to have ‘togged.

The Father’s Day weather was great this morning, so we went back, and I took that long lens.
Jokingly, I suggested that because I had brought it along, we wouldn’t see anything worth shooting. Lol.

And then we saw nothing worth shooting.

And I was reduced to grabbing a shot of the set up for a Heineken activation thing on the lawns.

It seemed that they were going to have a lot more fun than we were.


Baboons. Loads of them. Like, 30-odd. Scattered across the Shiraz vines on the side of the hill.

Starting a way away from us, then then actually walking so close that the 50mm would actually have been a far better option.

And, juniors at play, as well.

We watched them for almost an hour before they headed off further down the hill, and we headed off for a coffee, and then home for a bit – ok, a LOT – of photo editing.

It was a really nice family morning out.

And for us, too.