Abandon Trip

It’s not gone well.
We were forced to abandon our weekend away half way through by a combination of horrible weather and no electricity.
Either one of these would be bearable on its own, but together, and with the option of Cape Town not too far away, it was sadly a no-brainer.


Games by firelight

We were all kept awake by the beagle who was (understandably, to be fair) kept awake by the storm which lashed Agulhas overnight. Luckily, the journey back to the Mother City was easy and traffic-free – tempers may have become frayed otherwise. We’re all knackered.

The electricity supply had still not been restored when we left, meaning 24 hours without power (and counting). All the stuff in the freezer was ruined and had to be thrown out.
But these things happen and – as I’ve said before – it’s the way you react to them that makes the difference. That explains why I’m not hugely impressed with the Cape Agulhas Municipality who also kept us in the dark (haha) over their efforts to sort things out.

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