You Like?

After reading Dave Perel’s memeburn post on the new Facebook Like button, I felt compelled to have one.

I find it quite crazy that yesterday I was asking Facebook for some small changes to their Fan Page and then they go and drop something which will make the entire internet a Fan Page.

Last night Facebook had their f8 Developers conference where they announced a whole bunch of new products which may change how we deal with the web.
The biggest announcement was a new button called the “Like” button. Working in a similar way to a Digg or Tweet button, the new Facebook button can be easily installed on your site with a simple line of HTML.

Once installed visitors simply press the Like button and that information is passed onto Facebook which then aggregates it into their news stream. When a friend of yours visits the same article they will see your face under the article saying that you liked it.

With a bit of jiggery-pokery and some not inconsiderable intervention from The Guru, you can now see the result of Travis Ballard’s FBLike plugin below. Click it and tell all your friends on Facebook that you enjoyed this post. Or any other.
Go on – give it a try now.

As Perel states:

Facebook just changed the game… they want Social to become the default for how we navigate the web. I think that with 400 million users they now have the power to make this kind of change possible.

He’s right – if anyone can, Facebook can. And maybe they just have.

2 thoughts on “You Like?

  1. jjvr > I think you only see it saying anything different if one of your friends has ‘liked’ the post.
    I don’t use facebook much, but tested the button on another site and sure enough, a like link appeared on my ‘wall’. (Along with a request to save a penguin from someone’s farm).

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