Did the earth move for you in 2005?

The chatter in Gauteng is (possibly) all about last night’s Gauteng earthquake/tremor which, it turns out, wasn’t in Gauteng at all. It measured 2.8 on the Richter scale and twitter was instantly ablaze with the thought that the Daily Star’s prophecy might actually have come true, although of course a quick look at this page would tell you that Southern Africa is actually hit fairly regularly by small earthquakes.

There’s no way of actually predicting where or when an earthquake might strike. If there was – like there is with volcanoes – then evacuations could take place and the number of casualties would be drastically reduced. Obviously there are areas which are at higher risk than others, but you’ll find that SA is pretty safe in this regard.

Which makes Chris van der Walt’s prediction that:

an enormous earthquake is going to hit the Rand (Greater Johannesburg area) very soon…

somewhat bizarre. Even more so when you hear the details of this enormous earthquake:

The earth opened up like a massive chasm with buildings toppling over. It stretched from the east and south of Johannesburg and came together in the city centre. From there it continued to the West Rand.

Yikes. And who told Chris that all this was going to happen?
Well, that would be the Holy Spirit. Yep – a voice from upstairs.

But look, it’s not all bad news. Chris points out that you might get away in time (but terms and conditions apply):

Again I say what the Lord said: “An enormous earthquake is going to hit the Rand (greater Johannesburg area) soon and it is unavoidable. It is going to be disastrous. I will protect My children who listen and take them away in time.” 

Which to me seem to be a bit of a threat to sign up to christianity or die a horrible death in Johannesburg in late 2005.
Chris continues:

In me there is no doubt about the genuineness of this word of God and it will also be proved the day when the earthquake occurs.

Which, of course it never did: casting some doubt on the “genuineness” of the big man upstairs.

All in all, I feel hugely let down by this god thing again. Just like when he topped those 5 kids last February. Instead of saving people in Haiti, where a real earthquake really happened and killed about a quarter of a million people, he’s wasting everyone’s time by talking to Chris in Gauteng and making a mountain out of a minedump.

Chris says:

God does not say these things as a merciless, cruel God. On the contrary, He gives this word to warn people unto repentance, irrelevant of their culture or religion. 

I don’t see it that way. I see a god who is going to kill many thousands of people by a non-existent earthquake tearing open a massive chasm through the city, complete with toppling buildings. And the only people who are going to be saved are, conveniently, those in his religion.

Which all sounds pretty merciless and cruel to me.

6 thoughts on “Did the earth move for you in 2005?

  1. How many people were pulled alive from the ruins in Haiti after being trapped for several days? Less than a hundred? Every time we were told it was a “miracle from god”. But apparently nobody noticed that god had just apparently smote 300,000 people. Why did he do it? Was he pissed? When I get angry I don’t kill people! Does that make me more moral than god? I can come to no other conclusion that there is either no god, that god is powerless, or that god is evil. Nothing worth worshipping in any case.

  2. As it happens, I was living in sunny Welkom, Orange Free State when there was an earthquake that caused a block of flats opposite the hospital to collapse, like a pack of cards, in the late 70s. I don’t recall the Richter scale at the time, but we had one of those big box tellies which moved forward on the shelf, and amazingly no one died in that collapse (I think – I don’t remember there being a death toll).
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Accountability vs Responsibility =-.

  3. Francois > I was saying the same thing while it was happening. And being ignored by christians.

    HH > That’s quite cool. My best (ok, my only) was in Oxford in about 2004. It was a 4.0 and a picture fell off the wall.

  4. The following question is ONLY allowed while making love during an earthquake:

    “Was this almost good for you too?”

  5. carl > I never have to ask. 🙂

    HH > Holy crap. I was only just alive in 1976!
    If you can’t be arsed to click through, here’s HH’s neighbours’ place:

    That must have been built to “1st Little Pig” building standards.

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