That title was supposed to be a combination of ‘update’ and ‘weight’. I’m not sure it worked. Sorry about that.

We’re back in Cape Town and back with the bathroom scales that I have used to record my mass over recent times. There’s no point (in my humble scientific opinion) of using different sets of scales to weigh oneself, since unless they are regularly serviced and calibrated, bathroom scales are notoriously unreliable and will only (eventually) upset you. So sure, it’s not perfect to be using the ones upstairs Chez 6000, but at least the error in my weight is hopefully somewhat consistent.

I’m delaying the inevitable here though. The upshot is that I seem to have gained 1.7kg over the festive period. To be honest, it seems to me (if you’ll pardon the pun) that I’ve got away lightly. There was an awful lot of beer, chocolate, fish and chips and brandy all happily put away. And then there was everything after breakfast too. All for 1.8kg. Add to that the fact that – although I have kept up some modicum of activity with my steps (10000 or more each day since I was sick in November) – I haven’t been near a gym for at least a couple of weeks.

Oops. Looks like we need to make that 3 weeks.

Look, there’s still time to go before the finishing line, what with the kids off school for another 6 days, sushi tonight (that’s last night if you’re reading this today) and at least two days of extreme laziness coming up in (or near) Robertson in the intervening period. But considering what has gone before over the last month or so, I’ll very readily settle for sitting about 2kg heavier (by my bathroom scales) than before all this madness started.

Give me a fortnight to get back to where I was and then we go again. (He said, over-confidently.)

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