There won’t be blood

I donated blood today. It’s something I do every 56 days (or as soon after 56 days as I can). Today was nothing unusual: Hb 14.9, BP 122/82, total bleed took 4 minutes and 38 seconds. I’m still alive. And hopefully so will someone else be thanks to my donation.

In fact there was only one unusual bit in the whole experience. This:

“Please approach our staff if you have any questions (but expect them to rapidly back away when they find out that you were in Wuhan for Christmas)”.

Thankfully, the closest I’ve been to China was Newlands’ Tai Ping a couple of weeks ago. Delicious food, lovely evening, no ongoing respiratory symptoms. And thus I was free to donate.

Seriously though, I’m impressed that despite the fact that there has been no 2019-nCoV reported in South Africa, and even if there was, there is no evidence (and actually virtually no chance) of bloodborne transmission, the WCBS has already got this sign up to greet you as you walk into their unit.