What could go wrong?

With a headline like:

the answer is obviously “injuries”.
But if you’re thinking that this is in a kids’ playground, think again. No, this – the Tobogan Estepona – is:

a 38-metre-long slide in Estepona, on the Costa del Sol, intended to give residents of all ages a quick way to travel between the streets, which sit at very different levels.

So picture your granny on this:

I think not. And the locals aren’t impressed either:

“The Estepona slide is a piece of shit,” one woman wrote on Twitter. “I went on it and got hurt all over. I flew two metres and the police started to laugh.”
She also posted pictures of her grazed elbows, adding: “I’m not putting up one of my arse, which is worse.”


Now, Cape Town has some pretty steep hills and it’s clear to me that we also now need to give this dangerous exciting new method of transportation a go. Embracing the tourist vibe, we’d probably need to keep it somewhere near town, and while Table Mountain might be a bit of a stretch, towering a kilometre above the city, the Lions Head (693m) seems ideal for a piece of shit helter skelter.

Land it onto one of the posh beaches at Clifton and it wouldn’t matter how far you slipped off the end into the soft sand: elbows and arses would all be intact.

I’ll be putting my ideas forward to Cape Town Tourism, and I’ll feedback on their (almost certain) excitement at this amazing plan.