Day 38 – Best lyric

Bit busy today, so just a quickie to keep you all going.

Jarv Is is Jarvis Cocker’s new musical vehicle, and the Sheffield superstar is the first mainstream artist to release a “proper” lockdown song.

It’s called House Music All Night Long.

Of course, it wasn’t a lockdown song when he released it at the end of February, but wow – did he see it coming or what?

And much as I told you that Baxter Dury’s I’m Not Your Dog was the best song of the year (so far). This one has the best lyric of the year (so far). Only Jarvis could come up with a rhyming couplet like this:

Goddamn this claustrophobia
‘Cause I should be disrobing you

It was another one I couldn’t believe I’d heard right. But I had, and actually, the whole song is packed with clever plays on words.

Soon: more music from middle-aged white men. But right now, I’m off to roast a lamb (not a euphemism).