A night up the mountain at Overseer’s Cottage last night then. A 10km hike to get us there, up into the clouds and the peace and quiet of the Table Mountain National Park.

And a great night around the fire with friends, beer, wine, brandy… and some education. The clouds occasionally broke just enough to allow us to catch the odd glimpse of Cape Town below us, before the rain rolled in overnight, blanketing the plateau in thick, chilly fog for our walk down this morning.

No real review here. Suffice to say that the accommodation was basic, but decent enough. The beds were great, although I only managed to crawl into mine at about 2 this morning. Take plenty of water, food and booze, some power banks and battery-powered lights and a variety of clothes for the distinctly variable weather. Be advised that whatever your forecast says for Cape Town really doesn’t apply to the top of the mountain.

And then just chill in the peace and quiet and take in this sort of view of the hustle and bustle of the city below.

I’ll be getting some photos up onto Flickr this week as well. But weirdly, having drunk out the whole of the summit of Table Mountain last night and then hiked back down this morning, I’m feeling rather tired today.

More tomorrow then…