Nelspruit guest house

[Written soon after arrival last night]

Nelspruit guest house. Mbombela guest house.
Same same. Despite the name change, everyone here still seems to call it Nelspruit. All the signs say Mbombela. I can see how foreigners might get confused.

And here in my room, once again, Afrikaner interior design is at play. They haven’t gone quite as far as the relief-tiled ceiling of last night’s place (in adhesive we trust), but we’ve got the obligatory overly ornate headboard and a glass sink perched upon a faux Roman concrete surface, raised by two faux Roman concrete columns.

It’s rather special:

And once again, I am cursed by faulty bedside lights and a barking dog outside the window.

I shouldn’t complain. The welcome was warm and the bed feels like it might be the most comfortable on this trip thus far. I intend to test this theory very shortly.

One more day of work up here, and then a Saturday morning dash to Joburg and a flight back to the cold of Cape Town. It’s been another fascinating experience, but I’m tired and just about ready to head home now.