I’m not yet back into my running – my knee still doesn’t like that sort of thing. Once I’m able to start again though, my first goal will be the World Marathon Record, recently set by¬†Eliud Kipchoge.

A bit of training will be required, obviously. But it was difficult to know how fast I’m going to have to go to claim what’s rightfully mine. So I shamelessly borrowed this table from here.

His half marathon time is only just slight better than half my half marathon time (albeit that he then went and ran another one in the same time again), so I reckon I’ve got this one sorted already.

Also, I can run 100m in far less that 17.3 seconds. It’s just that, again, I might then struggle to replicate it a further 421 times.

Everyone has been crowing about this amazing record and how long it is going to stand, but that’s surely only because my leg seizes up when I try jogging at the moment. I’m coming for you and your 2:01:39, Eliud.

I might have to use a car to get there, but that record will soon be mine.