Not a post about what I want on my grave when I die (although maybe that is a good topic for future ramblings). No, this is a quota photo from the amazing Headstone Tunnel in Derbyshire. Built in 1863 and now part of the Monsal Trail, the tunnel is 533 yards (487 m) in length. It seems like a rather weird thing to go for a walk through a dark (shock), dank and rather damp┬átunnel, but it’s also a different experience.
The Eastern end is rather uninspiring, but the Western end opens out onto the spectacular Headstone Viaduct [wikipedia pic], which is far more “Traditional Derbyshire Dales Walk”-esque.
Should you ever unexpectedly find yourself on the viaduct, then you may like to know that there is an ice cream van and two pubs on the hill above. It’s worth the walk up, especially for the pubs.

I had intended to blog more than a quota photo today, but then I had intended to do a lot of stuff today that I didn’t do. This one, just because it’s “kinda arty” is hosted at 500px (which I still don’t really understand) and has already garnered one comment, describing it as “nice”.

Thanks for that.

I’ll try and get this and the remainder of the Heading North 2012 photos uploaded onto the more user-friendly Flickr tomorrow, but then again, as I mentioned, I had intended to do that today. And I didn’t.