On the road

As the title suggests, I’m out on the road today, heading about 350km east (well, I can’t exactly go west, can I?) from Cape Town into the wilds of the Western Cape.

I’ve been in SA for nearly 19 years now, and I am still amazed that I can drive for more several (or more) hours a day and still not make it out of my home province. And yes, I know that Australia and Canada are much bigger, but I don’t live in Australia or Canada, so that actually means very little to me.

Incidentally, where I was born and dragged brought up in Sheffield, I could be out of my home county in about 10 minutes, but why would you want to do that anyway?

The place we’re heading to is beautiful, the guest house we’re staying in looks lovely, and we’ve even booked in for a meal at the best restaurant in town (with a choice of two), so although it’s a functional trip, it’s still going to be lovely. I hope.

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