Missed ann-knee-versary

I missed this.

It was a year ago last Saturday that I had my knee op that didn’t go very well. Actually, I say “didn’t go very well”, but it was a wholesale disaster and has caused no end of problems since.

Still, all’s well that ends well and I’m now fitter, happier, more productive than for a long time. The knee, rather than being a pain when I exercise, tends to get more grumpy when I don’t. Which is no problem, because it encourages me to exercise, and that’s no bad thing.

In fact, the only issues I’ve had this morning have been entirely unrelated to my knee. A lot of people would consider their garage door literally falling off its tracks and knocking a can of blue spray paint onto the garage floor so hard that it exploded (the can of blue spray paint, not the garage floor) to be a bad thing, but compared with where we were this time last year, I’m pretty happy right now.

All about perspective. Right?