Day 470 – 17 years ago

Do couples remember or celebrate the day they got engaged?

We got engaged 17 years ago today at sunset on a clifftop in Hermanus.
Such was the romance involved, we only just made it to PicknPay before closing time immediately afterwards.

That was back in the days when you were allowed out late.
And allowed to buy alcohol. Remember them?

I must look out some photos of the happy event.
Not now though. I’m hiding out in the Karoo this week.

Suffice to say that the journey together ever since (I mean in life, not to PicknPay) has been wonderfully full of adventure, glamour, excitement. And two kids and a beagle.


Ah – the ninth of July.

It was on this day, seven years ago, that I popped the question to the (now) Mrs 6000. We were on a mercy dash to Pick n Pay in Hermanus at the time (although it was actually far more romantic that it actually sounds) (the proposal, not the supermarket).

The upshot of it all was a tearful “yes”, and we still made it in time to get braaivleis and wine (some of which sparkled) for the evening ahead.

Tonight we’re off to the sleepy hollow of Fishhoek to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Fabric Lady. For some reason best known to individuals other than me, it seems that I will be wearing a ridiculously large purple afro wig for the duration of the party.

Happy days.