Trying to edit

I’m trying to do some editing for a work project, but I’m struggling. Yesterday, out of necessity, I did a lot of tidying and rearranging of the garage space. It was a mess and – while it is still a mess – I have at least thrown some of that mess away and put a lot more of it behind some cupboard doors. My car now fits.


Much of the job involved a lot of dust, and I’m still struggling with sore eyes and an itchy upper respiratory system. I dread to think what sort of particles I’ve inhaled and/or got into my eyes, and what the long term effects of those might be, because the short term effects really aren’t pretty. It’s a real effort to focus (not mentally, literally focus my eyes in the screen) for any length of time.

Even writing this is quite sore.
I’m such a martyr.

I think I’m going to have to go and relax in a darkened room with a couple of slices of cucumber.

In a gin and tonic.