Quick & Chilly

I had such high hopes to be doing a post on the municipal elections next month – specifically around the dangers of voting for the Cape Party, but then I went and played the best part of two hours of 4-aside football and I am completely and utterly broken. Then I put Deep Heat on the worst affected areas (adductors, bilaterally) and nearly had to seek medical advice. Ice pack application followed immediately afterwards and the resulting steam cloud almost triggered a Koeberg-style nuclear warning for the Mother City.

In these events, I find a quiet quota photo usually suffices, and since last December’s disastrous trip to the frozen North was mentioned last week, have some of this.

That was the calm before the storm. Redmires Reservoir on the Western edge of Sheffield, looking particularly beautiful in the winter sunshine. I particularly like the way the sun reflects differently (ie. not at all) where the water isn’t frozen.

The reservoir was surrounded by signs warning people that swimming was prohibited, because the water was deep. I think that would have been the least of their worries on this day. It would, however, have served very nicely as a groin chiller in the event of Deep Heat getting into places where it really wasn’t meant to get.

I’ll try and get that Cape Party post out tomorrow.
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More photos from Redmires and the Peak District that day: here.