The first day back to normality as the kids’ extra-murals kicked in and I actually had time to do a few jobs around the place before having to go and fetch the offspring at different times and from different locations across the Southern Suburbs.

Sadly, one of those jobs wasnt blogging and thus, once again, I am left wondering what to put here. Music would be the obvious answer, but if we’re going to go down that road, which of these two songs, revisited today in varying formats, would it be?

The strong favourite was First Aid Kit’s first “big hit”: Silver Lining, the happy-go-lucky, Wild West feel really suited the balmy Autumnal weather here in Cape Town.

And yes, it all goes very nicely, but then also, there was The Mighty Boosh’s #Eels – this video released to mark the arrival of all the back episodes now being available on iPlayer. (We don’t get iPlayer in SA.) (sad face emoji.)
But I’m a huge fan of the Boosh, so this was a welcome memory jog this afternoon as well.

OK, so not quite the gentle, rolling sound of First Aid Kit, but every bit as arty in its own special way.

Tomorrow: a real post (possibly).

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