Quota photo courtesy of Web Africa

I am typing away on Mrs 6k’s laptop, 3G modem lodged firmly in its side. The reason for this is the supposedly seamless network switch by Web Africa, which I think is taking place this evening. I must have caught the switch right in the middle, because I have absolutely no internet connection at home. I tried to call, but they’re very busy this evening, sorting out other customers who have found the seam they thought they didn’t have.

Recalling the email which I skim read at work today, I can go onto their forum and discuss any problems I might have. The crushing stupidity of that statement didn’t actually hit me until this evening. And now it’s all too late.

Today’s quota photo is a wonderful example of Phalacrocorax lucidus (obviously).
He’s sitting on a rock, drying his wings and wondering which ISP to swap to. Soon.

UPDATE: Goodbye WebAfrica, hello Afrihost. ‘Tis done.

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