Zebra & Giraffe just up the road?

After the melodramatic pain and heartache of Sunday evening’s traffic jams (apparently, there was some concert or other on, as well?) and most especially for those who are still stuck at Val de Vie, but might make it out before tomorrow lunchtime, a timely reminder that you can see Zebra and Giraffe and the Dirty Skirts tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 12th December) at Wynberg Boys High School.


This is part of the Sunshine Concerts series, wherein Wynberg Boys noticed that Kirstenbosch, Paul Cluver, D’Aria and Backsberg (not to mention several others I haven’t heard of yet) were doing weekend concerts and making plenty of cold, hard cash from the whole thing. Just don’t mention the parking.
Actually, parking won’t be an issue for me, as WBHS is just around the corner from us. I regularly take the boy up onto the field there to fly his kite, kick his football and chase hadedas. Sometimes, if he’s good, I let him join in.  
So we’ll be having a family afternoon out and we’d be more than happy if you want to join us. Obviously, this is the first “big” concert that WBHS has staged, but I’ve never had any problems with being a guinea pig for any sort of concert venue before, so I’m unconcerned about the organisation. *ahem*
This despite the fact that the times stated for the doors opening, start of the concert and length of the event all differ between the flyer and the Computicket page.

Next week, SA rockers Prime Circle are on and then in February, the delights of… er… Kurt Darren and Watershed await.
Watershed have been understandably quiet since I had a word with them at the Nelson Mandela Invitational and told them to go away and write some good stuff. But it seems that they’ve taken my advice and done that and now they’re back.
And they’re almost certain to do that brilliant hard rock version of Indigo Girl as a surprise finale.

Oops. Sorry.

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  1. Jerry > Or: much like at CokeZeroFest, I’ll sit through their set and drink beer while waiting for the good stuff that follows. 🙂

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