One of the regular highlights of my Christmas is the inevitable copy of Popular Mechanics magazine arriving in my stocking. This year, however, things went slightly awry and I ended up with a Stuff magazine instead: still wonderful, and chock full of gadgets I want and can’t afford. Fortunately, 6000 Jnr did get a copy of PopMech, and so I checked out my favourite bit while he wasn’t looking: the Top Tips page at the back – (you may remember it from such posts as Double Vision, Keep the Change and Gardening Advice from Peter Shardlow).

Disappointingly, they’ve changed the format of the page since I last looked, but the nerdiness still shines through. Gone is the Prestik and urine, but G.Thomas (Cape Town)’s advice which is accompanied by 14 (fourteen) photographs and ends:

Perhaps some other readers have had similar issues with their toasters and will find this helpful.

continues the good fight as far as niche instructions and guidance on entirely mundane problems are concerned.

G.Thomas (Cape Town) will surely be delighted with his or her padlock hamper sponsored by Masterlock – a Top Prize for a Top Tip.

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