23 thoughts on “Muse & Arctic Monkeys to support The Killers in South Africa

  1. Apparently the page doesn’t exist.

    Not too worried though as I have seen all 3 before (not on the same night – I think).
    Might have seen Muse just after the Killers one year and then a year or so after that saw the Killers as a Headliner.

  2. Don’t know if you caught the football tonight, but who the hell are Port Vale?

    After tonight I wonder if people will be asking who the hell the other team are?

  3. Jaja now that I have seen them I shall allow them out to visit you, but only if Goblin goes to the concert dressed as a hamster. She has to be there. In a giant plastic ball.
    .-= Po´s last blog ..Card anxiety =-.

  4. Steve > That would be crap.

    Reflex > Robbie Williams supports Port Vale. Great win for them against United reserves.

    Po > Shouldn’t she dress up a bit for it. That’s what she normally wears.

  5. Nice try! And wishful thinking!

    I’ve called Compu Ticket and no such event is listed.

    Besides…. there would have been a massive media/press release if The Killers/Green Day/Foo Fighters/RHCP/Whoever was coming to SA….

    Big Concerts or 5fm would have made that very public on their websites if this was true.

    Weak rumour….. very weak!

  6. >>Actually… not really. I just made that up.

    Dude.. YOU DO NOT do **** like this!!
    A little pee came out when I read the headline.

  7. anyone would know that a band as big as Muse wouldn’t support The Killers, they are both equally as big

  8. awesome > Got you.

    Grant > Got you.

    killers fan > Yes dear. Well done. Go to the top of the class. And jump off. The post was written tongue in cheek.

  9. Lol-Muse open for The Killers?
    When I saw that I was thinking two things
    2 “Who in their right mind would put MUSE before the killers?”

    Would be cool, I’d go and watch Muse,then leave =]

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