Money for words

Not an advert. OK, a bit of an advert.
Just sharing a few lines from a post I did a while back:

This blog isn’t, as I have been forced to point out several times, my job. For me, it’s a hobby, it’s mostly enjoyable and it allows me to speak my mind when no-one else will listen. Quite regularly, no-one listens on here either, but that’s not the point. When people do listen, it’s also provided opportunities to meet and engage (digitally, at least) with a huge number of interesting people in many different places, with many different viewpoints. I like that.

Also, it doesn’t provide much income – there [were] google ads dotted around and occasionally, people get in touch wanting paid links or sponsored posts. I can choose to be very selective with these, because I know that the blog isn’t my source of income, and I’ll always tell you if I am endorsing a product in exchange for cold, hard cash of course.
It doesn’t happen very often, but if it does no harm, why would I not want to earn a bit of beer money?

Some of you will have noted that I did one of these sponsored posts recently. And why not? They write it, I correct their spelling errors and click publish, they consider giving me some dollars. Have you seen that exchange rate? Thanks be to JZ.

In addition, I am also available to supply words to other places for money.
If you want me to do the same for you, please get in touch.

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