Little one

Let’s be honest about this: mine is nowhere as big as some people’s. And I doubt that it will ever get that big.

But size isn’t important – it’s how you use it that matters, right?


Anyway, that’s why I popped my small one out earlier in the back garden and pointed it skyward. Right at this little fellow.

Here’s a bigger version. And here’s a different angle.

He’s a Pin-tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura) and that ridiculous tail is his way of attracting Mrs Pin-tailed Whydah. And wow – doesn’t he just like to flaunt it?

He’s backwards and forwards across the neighbourhood hoping for a bit of nookie from first light through to sunset, and he’s a chatty little bastard as well. I’m not sure if his efforts have yielded any success yet, but if they have, then it’s very clear that he would like some more success please, Ma’am.

He’s even more spectacular in flight with a stiff… breeze blowing, but that wasn’t happening today. If I do spot him in those conditions, I’ll whip my small one out again and give it my best effort.

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