It’s all going off in Frome (again)

You know what they say: There’s no place like Frome, (Somerset, UK). Well, no place if you are in the business of repeated shocking food attacks, anyway.

According to the local newspaper, a Frome resident woke to find a pitta bread on roof of her car outside a betting shop in Keyford, as detailed in their story, headlined:

Frome resident wakes to find pitta bread on roof of car outside betting shop in Keyford



Awesome bit of speculation on the role of the plastic fork there, despite the omission of the word “been”. Thanks, James Wood.

It’s scarcely believable having read this story to discover that this is the second shocking food attack in recent times. Writes James:

This is not the first instance in which food has been found on the roof of a car in Frome. Chips were seen on a red car at the bottom of Sun Street late on Sunday, August 14, garnering national attention.

As they would, obviously. It’s big news. And it’s no wonder that Frome residents are now terrified of what the future may bring, with particular reference to shocking food attacks.

Following the first report other residents got in touch to say they had experienced similar issues with one expressing fears over an “epidemic” of food attacks in Frome, revealing chips were shoved up his exhaust – and macaroni cheese put on his car windscreen.

Right. I’m pretty sure that having chips shoved up your exhaust is actually a euphemism. But anyway.

Look, I was previously under the impression that Somerset was generally a quiet county, with lower than average crime and excitement levels. This incident, together with the further detail in the newspaper report proves me wrong. So very wrong.

Frome is now joining Iraq, Syria and Port Elizabeth on my ever-growing no-go list.

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