GoT thoughts

No Spoilers!*

Everyone has been very vocal about TV drama Game of Thrones – especially the most recent and (apparently allegedly, because who knows?) final series.

There have been those who have loved the direction that the plot has taken, but it seems that they are certainly in the minority. Many more have complained about the incomplete storylines, the seemingly pointless character development from previous series, and – in some cases – that the twists in the plot were “unrealistic”.

But the dragons are realistic, though? Right.

I’ve never really got into a series that much that I could get all inflamed about it on the internet, but while I don’t really understand the reasoning (and, in many cases, the bizarre intensity of the feelings involved), I do respect someone’s resentment at the time and effort they have put in watching and analysing over several years and now feeling that it’s all been wasted time, ruined by the scriptwriters.

But don’t sign an online petition. I mean, really.

Just remember: it’s fine to behave irrationally, as long as you know that you’re being irrational.

Anyway, no-one (yet) has summed up my thoughts on this whole saga as perfectly and succinctly as this facebook commenter:

I genuinely hope that you’re every bit as enthralled and not at all disappointed with whichever drama show you choose to move onto next.


* because I have never watched a single episode. 

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