From here to here…

…to here to here.

The best thing about the internet™, if you have the time and the inclination to pursue it, is the way that one cool site can lead you to another to another. Sadly, this adventure trail all too often ends at one, but just occasionally you’ll get a decent run. Here’s one I managed earlier.

I started out at Sorry I Missed Your Party, a regular on my bloglines reader. Like many sites poking fun at others on the web, this one can be a bit hit or miss, but unlike many sites poking fun at others on the web, it’s more often hit than miss. Today’s post was Lazy Man Party Costumes from which one picture stood out for me, by virtue of just being “properly done”:

That photograph (found here) led me to this Flickr photostream, which features – amongst many other things – some amazing shots of London, where I have never lived.

Those photographs – some fun, some serious, some point and shoot, some obviously thoughtfully composed – were taken by Landon HowellA Conservative Southerner in Seattle™, who obviously has a talent for photography and whose blog is perfect reading material for me – unrestricted and eclectic ephemera. Wonderful stuff.

Recent posts that stood out for me were WWJW, wherein a mother asks the best method of making a costume for her teenage son to attend a Halloween party dressed as Jesus.

So — what would be a good Jesus-robe (or just any plausible Jesuswear. This would be daywear, not Jesus eveningwear) that we could buy, in a nice natural fabric?

And gets a variety of answers. As you might expect from such a request.

And then the amazing story of Elena Desserich in Love Notes:

When 6-year-old Elena Desserich new she was going to die from paediatric brain cancer, she started writing notes to her younger sister Gracie so that she’d know something about her big sister after she was gone. 
What Elena’s parent’s didn’t realize was that Elena was leaving notes for them as well, and started finding them everywhere after she passed.

The full story is here. Heart-breakingly sad, but somehow incredibly positive as well.

As I said, one requires time and inclination to follow this sort meandering path through the web and at this point, I discovered that I had comprehensively run out of the former, even though I still had a whole heap of the latter in reserve.

And so this evening, I fully intend to continue from where I left off and – though this may seem ever so slightly sad – I have to say that I’m quite looking forward to it.

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