Disappointing start

It’s been a disappointing start to the New Year as far as the weather goes. We were supposed to be lying on the beach and… well… lying on the beach some more.
However, after a lovely start to New Years Day, during which we… well… lay on the beach and swam in the Indian Ocean, things went south (in so much as they ever can from the Southern Tip) quite rapidly. We were soaked in a sudden squall while walking the beagle in the early evening, and, having checked the horizon for more rain and restarted, had to return home at great pace to avoid being rained on again. And the beagle doesn’t really do great pace, so it was a close one.

Hatches were battened down and we hit the sack early to try and catch up a bit from the gorgeous midnight we had spent er… lying on the beach (no, we didn’t see many casualties).

And then yesterday dawned bright but WINDY. We decided to make the best of it and  headed out onto the Spookdraai hiking trail. Stunning trail, stunning views*…

…but oh my. That wind.

An overcast, gusty evening made for no night ‘togging, and so we huddled around the braai, writing blog posts and the like. I’m hopeful that this morning, we’ll wake up to some decent sunshine, although the forecast suggests that we’ll still be dealing with the omnipresent southeaster.

So sure, Summer will return, but no-one asked for those last 36 hours.
Thanks for nothing, weather gods.


* compressed because no internets.

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