Day 456 – Bad Hair Day

One of the albums of the day on 6 Music this week was Miracle by Francis Lung. I love hearing different, new (to me) artists, but they don’t always hit the mark (which is fair enough). However, with a track on each of the shows of the day, and me listening for quite a lot of that particular day, I got to hear three tracks and I liked them all.


So I’m going to give the album a go. Here’s Bad Hair Day to give you a taster:

Lots of My Life Story, Gorky’s and even some Mika (remember him?) in there. Maybe even a hint of Belle and Sebastian. Cheery pop with a melancholic undertone.


Have a look at The Let Down (fun video – who knew that Francis would morph into Iggy Pop in 40 years time?) and a listen to Lonesome No More (lovely piano ballad) for more. And Dance For Sorrow for a glimpse into the back catalogue.