Crapft beer case rested

Last week’s post on Crapft Beer, containing such lines as:

…in order to find a niche in a very busy space, crapft beer people have all gone a bit bonkers.


Let me be very clear here, crapft brewers. There is absolutely no need for any further forays into experimentation.

polarised opinion and prompted some differing reactions.

But then, arriving in my inbox today, was proof that I WAS COMPLETELY CORRECT:

Does your dog experience pangs of jealousy when he sees you enjoying your favourite craft brew? Bottom Sniffer, a beer for dogs that just launched in the UK, seeks to put that concern to rest.

The serving suggestion is 1 bottle per day, “as a drink, over food, in their favourite bowl or on a beer mat,” states its creators, Woof & Brew, on their new website. They add, as anyone who’s gone toe to toe with someone twice their size knows all too well, “you may wish to slightly alter this if you have a Great Dane or a Pomeranian”.

u wot m8?

OK, so this is the arse end (pardon the pun) of the spectrum, but it is wholly symptomatic of the entire business, and exactly what I was talking about last week.


I said that crapft brewers were trying to find their niche by adding bizarre ingredients to make their product “different”, and lo and indeed behold:

it’s concocted from non-fermented beer wort with natural chicken flavoring, bladderwrack extract, and herbs like burdock and dandelion

Eww. But it still probably tastes better than most of the crapft beers meant for humans. And, at “just” R70 per 330ml bottle, the ridiculous price feeds right into my narrative as well.

Are you listening yet?

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