Broken sprinkler

With summer finally here, I made an effort to sort out the “automatic” watering system in the garden last night. “Automatic” because it actually requires you to plug in the hose. Manually.
As usual, a range of ants, bugs and small pieces of sand had crawled into many of the sprinkler heads and they were blocked. In this situation, one must remove the offending sprinkler head and try to extricate whatever is in there, usually by sucking it into your throat and choking. In the meantime, the water in the sprinkler pipe, temporarily free from any form of resistance, shoots up into the air, like some giant mutant drinking fountain.

Kids love this:


Our new fountain is a lot more fun than you could ever imagine. However, the sprinkler system is still out of action, which is not good for the plants.  I have absolutely no doubt that we’ll not be fixing it again tonight. There are more pics here.

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