Big disappointment

Just back from the Waterfront, which was alive with sunshine and happy faces for the Bafana Bafana game last Friday, but was a very different scene this evening as things fell apart for South Africa. What started as a party full of hope went very quiet and ended in disbelief, anger and tears. Mainly because the parking machine got an errant R5 coin stuck in the coin slot.

The queues were quite horrendous.

In the footy, Bafana were quite simply outplayed for 90 of the 90 minutes. The midfield just didn’t turn up, the passing was wayward at best and there were only brief snatches (which are still better than no snatches at all) of the team that played with such passion and skill on Friday. Uruguay are apparently the same side that I saw in Cape Town last week and bored me to tears, although it didn’t look that way this evening. Also, the parking machine worked that night, so it really was completely different.

There has already been a lot said about the referee – not least his decision to award a penalty to a player who was apparently offside and give Itumeleng Khune a red card to boot (him off the field), but the fact is that Bafana never really looked like scoring.
Now SA need to rely on a France v Mexico draw (o-o would be nice) and then they have to go out and beat France. Nothing else will suffice if they are to make the last 16.

Photos (such as they are) will be up tomorrow.
Me? I’m off to bed with a sore throat, some dashed hopes and possibly – just possibly – a small tear in my eye.

P.S. Suarez to Man U next season, I reckon. They’ve been missing someone with diving skills like that since Prissy Crissy walked out on them.

8 thoughts on “Big disappointment

  1. Major disapointment, got up at 4 am to watch, Forlan had a great game. Trying to deceide wether Uruguay were really that good or were the Bafana that bad. Thought the red card was a bit harsh.

  2. I think that’s something that people seem quite keen to gloss over.

    Yes the call for offsides looked pretty dodgy – but anyone who watched the game saw how Bafana were dominated. It always looked like they were 5 men down with the Uruguayans using all of their players.

    The red card sucked… a lot but let’s not pretend that Bafana were on the cusp of 3 goals at that point.

  3. Stan > Robbed, cheated etc etc.Football can do that to you. Friday to Wednesday, 5 days, an entire spectrum of emotions.

    Rob > One would have been just fine at the point.

  4. If there’s one thing that most English fans will agree on it’s that we’d like SA to give France a bloody nose. I mean it metaphorically, of course; others may be more literal.

    It’s not really xenophobia: it’s a mutual love-hate relationship dating back a thousand years. Who can argue with traditions like that?

  5. Huge difference between losing 1 -0 due to being outplayed, which we were, and losing 3 – 0 due to a seriously dodgy linesman/referee call. Not the first time this particular ref has made a dubious red card decision in a world cup.

    At the end of the day though we never looked like we were going to win it. Bring on France

  6. I like to be see Korea Rep vs Korea DPR! Why we no see these match? This to be favorite match for China and Korea DPR to be liking.

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