The Big Game

Tonight’s the one that many people in Cape Town have been looking forward to – England v Algeria. After a hugely disappointing performance in Rustenburg last week, England will need to step it up at the Cape Town Stadium this evening and I’ll be there to cheer them on. You can follow the evening’s action on Twitter and I’ll get some pics uploaded in the morning after what will undoubtedly be a rather late night. Potentially even later if England get a win and we head back to the Waterfront to down some few beers.
I may even try and do a live blog from the stadium.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, the first week of my local radio sport as on-the-spot World Cup correspondent has gone really well. I have been given a dodgy nickname and I have made several incorrect score predictions. The host of the show I’m doing it on has been doing some investigations and has discovered that the man responsible for importing vuvuzelas into the UK lives a few miles from their radio station. They are now planning a flash mob to descend on his house at 5am on Sunday – horns in hand.
Ag shame.

And with that – I think I’m going to go and blow one (cough) and bring the gees back to Cape Town.

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