Betting Guide, Sites and Apps

The gambling industry has grown in leaps and bound over the years, and this growth is even more prevalent with the rise of smartphones and tablets, making it really seamless for people to be a part of the betting community, free of the conventional hassles.

As a consequence of this latest upward trend, we will try to provide readers with the latest betting trends, apps and sites for the year 2019. This post will serve as a go-to-guide for those looking to get into the betting industry in whatever capacity.

Role of Betting Apps

  • They are portable platforms which offer users the leverage to stake in any place and at anytime.
  • A secure system for depositing and withdrawing funds at any given time.
  • They offer great analysis and statistical information on different sporting events.
  • It is platform made favourable for real-time engagement.

Advantages of Mobile Betting Sites And Apps
There are numerous upsides that accrue from utilising betting sites and apps so much that there would be no need overstating them. But for the most part, one agreeable benefit of mobile apps and sites over previous systems are their ease of access and flexibility. Other benefits might include:

  • Portability: You are afforded the opportunity to bet in any place and at anytime, at your convenience.
  • Real Time updates: Fixtures are updated in real time, so there is never an idle moment.
  • Speed: The speed is really remarkable. You can place your bet in record time.
  • Zero-Marginal Cost: One of the benefits of betting apps is that you enjoy zero-marginal cost of doing business. You don’t get charged for the service. You simply register and start right off.
  • Bonuses: This is one upside that a lot of people love about betting apps and sites. They offer additional bonuses on stakes that can be claimed if won, which is an extra plus.

What To Watch Out For In A Betting App

There are a lot of mobile betting apps online today that it can become hard telling a good one apart. However there are key features to always watch out for when trying to pick a great mobile app. Outlined below are a few of such features:

  • User-friendliness: A good betting app must be user-friendly and be easy to navigate. The main page must contain all the menu with great graphics and icons to make for a great surfing experience.
  • Security: All transactions must be properly secured and encrypted by a trusted and verified payment gateway system.
  • PR service: Tested and trusted betgames should have a great up and running PR/customer service available 24/7 to handle customer complaints.
  • Incentives: A great betting app should be able to offer its users some incentives like bonuses and royalties.
  • Speed: A user should be able to place his or her bet in record time. Also deposits and withdrawal should also be made free of hurdles. Typical bad apps record numerous issues of customers making deposits and not getting reverts after being debited.

Best Mobile Betting Apps And Websites

Bet365 Mobile App
Bet365 is a British gambling and betting service. Its mobile app service features:
A simple but very user-friendly architecture.
Great menu system offering a ton of services.
A good management team
One of the best in the industry
Offers live betting
This service is available for both Android and iOS.

Betway Mobile App
Betway mobile betting app is a subsidiary under the Betway group that is home to several known such as Betway Vegas, Betway Casino, Betway poker etc.

  • This app is superfast.
  • It uses cloud computing technology that makes less use of data.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • Real time notification.
  • Available in both iOS and Android

William Hill Mobile App
William Hill plc is a betting service sited in Wood Green, London. Founded in 1934, and has an unbroken track record.
Key features of its app are:

  • It offers a very efficient system.
  • Great user interface.
  • Juggling between two platforms is very easy.
  • Offers live betting.
  • Available in both iOS and Android.

Betfair Mobile App
Known for having the largest online betting exchange in the world. Betfair mobile features:

  • An exchange app.
  • A great user-friendly interface and loads of live-streaming events.
  • Also offers live betting.

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