Day 727/2 – Best Casino Games to Play in 2022

Best Casino Games to Play in 2022
It’s the year 2022, and you’re probably wondering what new casino games are going to be released. It can be a daunting task to stay up with how fast technology is moving. After all, one of the reasons we love playing casino games at real money casinos is because they offer us so many options.

Casino games are one of the most reliable sources of pure entertainment. This is especially the case when you play in a casino where you win big, like in Betway casino. Everybody wants to take their chances and hit a massive win in blackjack, slots or roulette. However, many fail to find the best casino games and end up losing more money than they win.

With that being said, we thought we could help you sort out some of the best casino games you can start with. Here are the best casino games you should know about.

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones slot is one of the most popular casino games among players, and it has
been for years. If you’re not familiar with this game, here’s a quick overview. The Game of
Thrones slot is based on the blockbuster TV show and offers 243 ways to win over five reels.

The game is as thrilling as the series, plus it’s packed with bonus features, including four free
spin modes that offer up to 18x multipliers on wins.

To top it off, you’ll be treated to cinematic animations and music from the show when you hit
various winning combinations! You can find this casino game on platforms such as Betway
casino and test out your luck any day you wish.

9 Masks of Fire

Masks of Fire is a very simple game with many bonus features. The rules are easy to remember, and the game is fun. You can play it on many online casinos, and you will have a great time while playing it.

The bonus features include free spins, multipliers, and wilds. The RTP is 96% which means there are many chances to win big!

Roulette may not be as much of an exciting game compared to others. Still, it is definitely one of the most popular ones. This can be attributed to its simplicity and high winning potential.

In fact, many people believe that roulette is the best casino game because it offers many betting options for both beginners and professional gamblers alike.

You can play it on many online casinos, such as Betway Casino. There are many variants available, so you can choose your favorite one and play it whenever you want. The RTP is around 97%, so your chances to win are high!

Blackjack is both an exciting game and timeless classic that requires a great deal of skill and strategy, as well as luck. The goal of blackjack is to get as close to 21 points without going over or “busting.”

You achieve this by drawing cards from the deck and adding their value, with face cards counting as 10 and aces counting either 1 or 11.

Play the best casino games
The popularity of casino games has not waned in the last 10 years. So if you are looking for an excellent game to play, your search might just end here. These best casino games of 2022 won’t let you down and will give you an unforgettable gaming experience.

We hope you like our list of some of the best casino games to date and see something new for yourself to try. If you are an expert player in any casino game, we would love to hear from you.

The Origin of “The Luck of the Irish”

Ireland is known the world over for being one of the most welcoming places in existence and regularly tops the list of the most friendly countries. The Irish themselves are considered unique in their ability to find fun no matter how bleak the occasion may appear to be.

The modern interpretation of the popular phrase, “the luck of the Irish”, suggests that the Irish are blessed with a particular kind of luck from birth. However, following some research, we can see that the meaning of this phrase has transitioned through time. So, let’s take a closer look at where this popular phrase originates from as well as what it has come to represent…

The Origin

Ironically, Ireland is not a country with a history that could be described as lucky. As a result of the Great Famine – or the Irish Potato Famine as it is often referred to outside of Ireland – more than 1.5 million adults and children left Ireland to seek refuge in America. Upon arrival to the East Coast, the Irish were not treated to the friendliest of welcomes, with many establishments refusing to hire those native to the Emerald Isle.

For those who were able to make the harrowing trip to California – either by getting back on a ship in order to sail around the tip of South America, potentially stopping in Panama before hiking through the jungle, or journeying across the entire transcontinental America – there was the possibility of a job in a gold mine at the other side.

It is clear that those able to complete this challenging trip would have incredible will power and an intense drive to succeed at any cost. This work ethic proved to be the catalyst for the phrase, due to the fact that the harder you try when digging and panning for gold, the more likely you are to find it.

The arrival of large numbers of hard working Irish, coinciding with the California Gold Rush, led to their success being put down to “the luck of the Irish”. However, this was not a term of admiration, but rather an insult, meaning that it could only be down to luck and not brains that the Irish were finding so much gold.

Global Contribution

Despite how the term originated, the global reputation the Irish have earned in the years since has led to the term becoming a playful tribute to their success.

This reputation is best illustrated by the fact that Ireland was considered the best country in the world in terms of contributions to humanity and the planet in 2014.

A Thriving Culture

One of Ireland’s greatest contributions comes in the form of culture, with some of the world’s best writers, architects, musicians and athletes calling Ireland their home.

Ireland’s connection to sport is one the shining lights on the island, with it having an impact on the daily lives of locals up and down the land. It is perhaps the sport of horse racing for which Ireland is most famous in the global context, and it is where many hope this Irish luck comes into play. Horse Racing has always been a sport with a connection to betting and Ireland’s relationship with gambling has spread from horse racing to almost every other sport and game.

The rise of the internet and the transition of the once separate world into a global village now means that anyone from anywhere can embrace this phrase, so whether you are picking a winning horse, attempting to climb a mountain in Asia or trying your Irish Luck in South Africa, remember the origin of the phrase, and you will remember that anything is possible.

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The Rise of Casinos in South Africa.

Only a few hours after the boldest, most innovative lineup release by Evolution Gaming, the company has announced that it is about to go live in regulated markets in South Africa. This great news has arrived after the gaming company had acquired a WCGRB (Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board) licence.
This is a great move for the South African gaming industry. Gambling has always been played around South Africa and the market for it has been growing and growing ever since it started.

Receiving this licence of extreme value will enable the proficient Swedish Live Casino Producers to finally release their product to a variety of operators in Africa. Thanks to this licence, the company will also release all new live casino gaming products from a new provider they had recently acquired called Ezugi.

Although it may have taken a while to kick into gear, the South African Gaming Industry is finally reaching its full potential. This phenomenon is changing the global opinion and view of citizens, while they are enjoying an all new easy access to an endless range of entertainment via the never-ending universe of the internet, which is accessed with a simple tap on their mobile devices, from anywhere they are and whenever they want.

Considering other kinds of gambling are already considerably popular in South Africa, it’s no surprise that you can find about 40 casinos which are fully licensed around the country, including the Rio Casino situated in Klerksdorp, which is the largest casino in Africa and even amongst the largest in the whole Southern Hemisphere.

Although land-based casinos had formed a solid backbone for traditional gambling in South Africa, the digital boom of fast internet and the worldwide daily use of smartphones has managed to forever change the gambling joy of citizens. 

Online gaming is growing to be an epic global trend in every country of the world, including the African continent. Statistics show that the South African online gaming market is anticipated to produce at least R3 billion in revenue, in the coming year of 2020. This economical growth looks even bigger when you compare it to 7 years ago, back in 2013, when the industry was worth only R289 million, that’s ten times in less than a decade!

These numbers give us a vague look at how just like the rest of the world, online gaming has finally made its way to the South African market and swiftly become one of the most popular and widely accepted hobbies in the country. The massive economic shift shows what cultural change is capable of.


While the enjoyment of gambling games such as poker, baccarat, black jack and sports betting on sports events was already widely popular across the country, it’s quite obvious that South Africa has embraced the Online Gaming world, bringing a huge cultural acceptance as a pastime for millions. 

Don’t forget everyone, gambling is and always should remain a hobby or a pastime and should always be enjoyed soberly and responsibly.

Dine your heart out with the most expensive meals around the world 

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed foodie or someone who enjoys satisfying your palette, we’re sure you’ve once dreamed of travelling the world to try out some new, glorious cuisine. 

Over time the world has evolved, and chefs have become better at making food that is so delicious that anyone would want to splurge when travelling. So, if you ever score on your lucky lotto numbers and you enjoy the food scene, you will find many restaurants to visit when you’re travelling overboard that will give you everything you need. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look where you can dine out when travelling abroad. 

Lobster Frittata, New York

Now, of course, New York would be on the list because it is one of the best places to travel to, not only for the food. New York is one of the world’s leading metropolises for art, fashion, theatre, and obviously, food. And, if you’re obsessed with lobster and omelettes, then you’ve come to the right place. Norma sells “The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata”. And you may be wondering why it is so expensive, well, the omelette includes Sevruga caviar, which is the main factor that contributes to the price. This meal’s sold for $2000 (R30 261,36), but if you’re not willing to pay that amount, there is a smaller frittata with less caviar that’s $200 (R3 026,14). 

Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama, Kyoto

Japan is known for its colourful and vibrant culture, but their food is also out of this world. This is a restaurant that thrives on history and family legacy. The Chef, Kunio Tukuoka, took over from his father who took over from his grandfather, so you can clearly see the pattern here. But, enough about the family history; Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama in Kyoto has a 10-course meal that won’t only blow your mind…but your money too. 

The meal is at least $599.49 (R9 069,68) per person, but it is worth it, well for those who can afford it. As mentioned, it is a 10-course meal that has rounds of sashimi, grilled and steamed food, rice, pickled veggies and desserts. And that’s only the half of it. So, if you happen to ever go to Japan and have money to splurge, this should definitely be one of the places you go to. And, as big as this meal is, at least you won’t be hungry anytime soon. 

Paris Chef Guy Savoy’s restaurant 

France, especially Paris, is known for being a passionate city with one of the best cuisines And Guy Savoy Monnaie does not disappoint when it comes to making an exquisite dish that speaks to your soul, and makes your heart skip a beat. 

This restaurant was open in 2015. It overlooks the Louvre and the Pont Neuf, and the restaurant offers a menu with 13 courses. Just like the Japan dish, you’re guaranteed to leave with a happy and full stomach. The meal is described best as a feast of “textures, colours and mouth watering flavours.” The cost of the meal is $536.63 (R8 111,86), which includes duck, lobster, artichoke soup with black truffles and more. 

Unfortunately, this overpriced meal does not come with any beverages, so you will need to set money aside for that too. But, the delightful dishes are sure to make your experience in The City of Lights worthwhile. For those who have been dying to go to Paris, the best time to travel is from April to June or October to early November when the weather is enjoyable, so make sure your travel package is inline so you can have the whole experience. 

Burger Brasserie, Las Vegas

Sin City never disappoints. Whether you’re going to see the Bellagio Fountains, the breathtaking shopping mall, Caesar’s Palace, the slot machines, the people or the food, Las Vegas is known for having some of the many award-winning restaurants and just about anything. Now, if you’re someone who loves a good ol’ burger, you need to try the Burger Brasserie in Las Vegas. It’s a Paris resort restaurant that serves a Kobe beef and Maine lobster burger for $777 (R11 746,92). Now, you may be wondering why it’s so expensive, well, apart from it being a French cuisine, the burger comes with pancetta, goat cheese, seared foie gras, arugula, main lobster and 100 years aged balsamic paired with a BTL salad. Now, if that isn’t enough to make your mouth water, maybe the fact that the dish is accompanied by a bottle of Rose Dom Perignon Champagne, just might. 

Ibiza, Spain 

Two years ago, Michelin 2-star chef, Paco Roncero, opened a dinning operation in Ibiza called the Sublimotion. Now, this may be one of the most expensive meals in the world, but it is worth it. Not only is the food amazing, but the setting and ambience tops it off too. 

The room has a screen that rotates different vibes making sure your meal goes well with the scene. It goes from food to tech and art, making an all-together phenomenal experience. 

This is a three-hour experience, with seating arrangements enough for 12 guests at a table and 25 professionals serving you. The 15-20-course tasting meal costs over $1 700 (R25 701,11) per person. 


Malta, which is an island state located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily, gives people a taste of a decadent white truffle and gold pizza which costs $2 420 (R36 615,69). However, prices may change depending on the truffle market. And, to answer your question as to why pizza would be so expensive. Well, according to the menu, “This is not just a pizza, this is a sign from God telling you how great She is.” So, there you have it folks, God’s favourite dish. The pizza is only available when white truffles are in season, which is from October to May. The pizza contains white truffles, fresh organic water buffalo mozzarella, and a 24-carat gold leaf. So, for individuals who enjoy a slice of pizza, make sure you give this pizza a try. 

Italy, Salerno 

They say you’ve never had pizza until you’ve tried an Italian one. And Renato Viola has pizza that’s fit for royalty. They say this is not because it’s huge, but because it is one by far the most expensive pizza sold at $9315,71 (R141 026,81). The pizza is made by Renato Viola, who is one of the best master pizza chefs in Italy. He’ll also make this for you in the comfort of your own home. As expensive as it is, it is anything but mediocre. 

This pizza has mouthwatering additions on top, such as mozzarella di bufala, lobster and caviar that’s travelled from various places around the world. Now, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we don’t know what will. This restaurant stays true to going all out, serving a pizza suitable for a leader: served with a fine beverage such as cognac and champagne. 

Sydney, The Lord Dudley Hotel 

Chef Paul Medcalf changed the ball game when it comes to pie. The Posh Pie bursts with flavour. Inside, it has two cuts of two different types of premium beef,  two whole west Australian rock lobsters and two bottles of Penfold Grange Reserve. The Posh Pie also comes with winter black truffles and dried Italian porcini mushrooms inside. And, lastly, to finish the look of the pie, it comes with a German gold leaf. Now you know why it’s called a Posh Pie.

Are you ready to dine your heart out?

If your mouth is watering, no worries because you aren’t alone. Although this isn’t all the food in the world, these are the ones that we’re sure will give you and your stomach a memorable experience. So, start saving, bet online and do what you need to to ensure you get to taste all the marvels of the world. 

How To Enjoy Hobbies As A Digital Nomad

If you’ve taken the big decision to leave the hustle and bustle of “normal” life behind and become a digital nomad, you may be worried about your hobbies. How can you maintain your favorite pastimes if you’re always on the move and working remotely? 

There is no doubt hobbies are important and in some ways help to define us. Finding time to connect with what you love to do is vital for your spiritual well being. For remote workers and digital nomads, there are some obstacles in the way. Whether it’s unfamiliar surroundings or a lack of connections in a region, there are challenges to overcome. 

It’s not important if your hobby is making model train sets, playing soccer, playing on NetBet slots, or collecting stamps: there are ways to connect with your hobbies when you are remote.
Here we’ll show you some of the best tips. 

Embrace Your Tech

Whether you love it or hate it, the internet has become the great unifier. Even if your hobby is extremely niche there is going to be a place online where you can connect with people that share it. It may be just a few (but is more likely to be many more), but those people can help you connect with your pastime. 

Having someone to talk to about the things you love is important and fulfilling. Social media groups, forums and websites allow you to be one click away from your hobbies at all times. It’s worth remembering that most remote workers rely on the internet anyway for their job. As you’re likely to be online a lot, you may as well take your hobby on the internet with you. 

Embrace Local Culture

Many digital nomads end up in unfamiliar surroundings quite often. If you’re arriving in a new place and have a passion for live music, you’re not going to know the best local venues. One of the things most remote workers get good at is making friends quickly. By embracing local people and getting to know them, you have a source to find ways to enjoy your hobby. 

Locals will be able to tap you into the heartbeat of a city or town. Again, technology is your friend and services like Facebook groups can help you find people who share your hobby in the area. No matter how niche your hobby is, there is bound to be someone else in your location who shares it. Connecting with locals is the best way to find those people. 

Get Into The Routine

All people who must work to travel understand that the best way to be productive is to have a schedule. And yeah, you need to stick to it. Distractions are frequent and often amazing when you’re a digital nomad, so a schedule will help you to work when you need to. Sticking to a schedule will also give you more free time to explore your hobbies.

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One of the best pieces of work advice for people living remote is to work to a schedule like you would a normal job. Give yourself shifts and set hours so you can better plan your free time.