As promised yesterday…

As promised yesterday (to the chagrin of certain readers), we headed out to Brandfontein for a walk along the beach and a wander into the dunes. Previously, we have had the beach to ourselves, but today was a different story, with several (or more) fishermen plying their hobby from the sand.

Still, there was plenty of space to go around, and we enjoyed the near perfect conditions: glorious sunshine, a gentle breeze, exciting skies. Cameras – some of them attached to propellers – were fully utilised and just as soon as we are back in Cape Town (where the wifi is unlimited), you’ll be able to see a selection of our work.

But then, it would be a shame not to give you some idea of just how lovely today’s mini road trip was, so here’s a little taster:

And to those who think I’ve joined the RBOSS (Ramsey Beach Over Saturation Society) with this, please be advised that the slider in question was showing a NEGATIVE number when I was done.
Sometimes, South Africa is really just this colourful.

There are plenty more where this came from (my camera), so hold fast and I’ll get them onto Flickr just as soon as I can.

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