Your long read (not by me)

And not really that long, except maybe by modern-internet-induced-tiny-concentration-span standards.

It’s pretty heavy, but it – as the author explains – needs to be said.

My Personal Struggle In A Time Of Global Pain – Branko Brkic

Difficult to read in parts, and clearly deeply personal, but with many seemingly obvious, yet hugely important messages:

Such a divisive conflict was bound to offer rich pickings to horrible people everywhere.

Angry people conflated the violent actions of a small group of people with entire nations and religions, sparking hateful rhetoric and physical threats.

For all of us to have a future together, this has to stop. Anti-Semitic, anti-Palestinian and anti-Islamic attacks cannot be explained away.

The tragedy of the Palestinian and Israeli people is that they are led by “leaders” who have a “greater mission” on their minds, one that does not concern itself with civilian deaths.

Sadly, he is, of course, absolutely right.