Ticket time!

To those who said it would never happen. It is happening.
To those who were always so desperate for Plan B. Plan A is doing just fine.
To those who think the ball is the wrong shape. Open your minds.

And don’t forget to apply for your tickets, will you?

Around 3m tickets are available for the 64 matches, which start in June 2010. In the first sales phase, applications for tickets will be followed by a random selection draw in April. Some 450,000 cheaper tickets are being reserved for South African residents of which 120,000 will be issued free to stadium construction workers.

Although the tournament does not begin for 475 days, there is already huge excitement about the competition in Africa, says BBC southern Africa correspondent Peter Biles in Johannesburg.

With trembling fingers (fear, nervous excitement, lack of alcohol), I somehow managed to get past the repulsive image of Sepp Blatter on the fifa.com homepage and applied for mine. It’s not as easy as it looks, but it can be done. Sadly, this being a combination of Africa and FIFA, you will need to pay two bribes rather than one. Have your credit card ready.

16 thoughts on “Ticket time!

  1. Even I have applied for tickets & soccer leaves me cold. But to see a game at the 2010 World Cup & soakup the atmosphere of the new stadium in Cape Town is chance not to be missed. And at R140 a ticket its a steal!! 😉

  2. I’m really wanting to come over for this! As a massive football fan I dont mind which games I watch, (as long as England qualify!!) 😆

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  3. My head nearly exploded after trying to figure out how to get tickets…the one clause I love on the Fifa site is that you may not get to sit with the other three people you book with when you apply for tickets, they don’t guarantee anything – interesting if you take a 10 year old to Soccer City

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  4. Alex > I saw that too. But I think it’s just to cover themselves. 99.9% of the tickets issued will be in blocks.
    Won’t they?

  5. 6k, I really hope so, I mean I’d imagine they would be in blocks or at least the same section of the stadium

    ok, so let’s talk business, I have some guests who want to watch semi-finals in Cape Town – want to rent out a room or even a patch of garden for a tent (they will pay in dollars)

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