Your Man Reminder

I know I posted a video yesterday too, but this – via my wife’s facebook page (and, bearing in mind that it’s 2½ years old already, probably several other places too) – tickled my fancy. (Not in that way, you understand, but my fancy did indeed find itself tickled).

There will be those who will cry out about the stereotyping of women as individuals psychologically susceptible to the sight of a male model’s body and there will be those who will be aghast at the objectification of male body (ja, right).

There will be those who wonder about the true nature of my fancy and what on earth I am doing posting this on 6000 miles…

Me? I reckon that the ends justify the means in this case. If the message gets across to just one more woman because of this or if one more life is saved, then it’s a winner and its detractors must sit down

Well done,

Here’s a link to the app and a helpful QR code for Android users.


And, because it’s for a good cause, an iTunes Store link as well.