Where Is My Mind?

It’s a question that I have asked myself for years, pretty much on a daily basis. Often more than once daily as well.

It was also a question that The Pixies asked in the late 80s. And one that Placebo covered on their album Covers. Here is Brian et al performing that very same song, live:

And with them, Frank Black, the writer of Where Is My Mind? and lead singer of The Pixies.

It’s rough, seemingly unrehearsed, and just brilliant.


This week’s lab work has mainly been accompanied by Placebo’s back catalogue, which worked nicely. Please, no jokes about the Placebo effect. My experimentation and research is based on sound scientific foundations.

Herewith Placebo’s Infra-Red from 2006.

I played this track so loudly on Friday morning that it broke my earphones. True story.

Meanwhile, Placebo are about to release a new DVD: We Come In Pieces (geddit?) from their Battle For The Sun tour. The DVD is released on the 31st October.

I’m still wondering how Angkor Wat in Cambodia managed to get a gig and Cape Town didn’t…