Removing Mention and Retweet Email Notifications on Twitter

Catchy title, hey?

Twitter has a new default setting to send you an email notifying you of each time you get mentioned or retweeted.
While I like notifications when I get direct messages (because I don’t use them much) or new followers (because I like to say hello), if I was to get emailed each time I was mentioned or RT’d, things would get a bit ridiculous.
So I have switched those options off.


However, it seems that some people aren’t aware of how to do that. Don’t worry – it’s not hard and we’re here to help.

While logged in to twitter, go to: You can also get there by clicking the drop down menu next to your picture in the toolbar and selecting SETTINGS and then clicking the NOTIFICATIONS tab.

Now simply choose which email notifications you want to receive.
Here’s one I did earlier:

Oh, and DON’T FORGET TO CLICK SAVE! to update your notifications!

That’s actually all there is to it. You’re welcome.