Day 323 – Shaky

I know that there are lot of other things going on at the moment: loadshedding, football, some virusy thing (apparently, anyway), but something else just caught my interest and I thought it worth sharing here.

I’m on the USGS mailing list. They tell me whenever there’s a “big” (> M6.0) earthquake anywhere in the world so that I can be ready in case the Cape Town tsunami is on its way.

The good news is that we’re safe (for the moment anyway), but things on the seismological front have been very busy – much busier than usual.

Including that M7.5 Chunky Boi (which was later upgraded to M7.7!). And it’s continued into yesterday (when I’m writing this post).

If you lower your expectations (and let’s face it, you’re here, so they can’t have been that high anyway) and set your earthquakeometer to M5.0 and above, the screen is filled (and more) with shaky things happening all around the Loyalty Islands.

Which are located thus, by the way:

I would not want to be there right now.

Although the beaches do look quite nice:

Anyway, I don’t want to fill you with more existential dread, but it does seem that the world is shaking itself to pieces as well as all the ice melting and everyone dying from The Virus.

Otherwise, you well?