When I caught a glimpse of this project yesterday evening, I immediately knew what today’s blog post was going to be.

london-heathrow-27l-terminal-5-and-tower amsterdam-schiphol-24-kaagbaanMike Kelley (for it is his wot the project is) has spent a lot of time photographing aircraft and possibly even more time on Photoshop, adding them all to these images (Heathrow T5 and Schiphol – behold the KLMitude). Yes, obviously it’s photoshopped – I don’t think they’d allow quite that many flights to take off simultaneously. That said, it does appear that they have all successfully avoided each other, so this may be a good way of preventing runway congestion and subsequent delays. Certainly worth looking into.

There are a lot more photos in this series, from places as diverse as LA and Tokyo. And there are other series too with some amazing images. An interesting one is Architechture of Iceland (click through from the link above). Who goes to Iceland to photograph the architecture?
Well, it turns out that Mike Kelley does, and he does it damn well.

Go see.