Shortcut nonsense

Spottedd on Facebook earlier, this:

Do you remember Beverly Sills? She’s the posh end of Los Angeles, home to the rich and famous: movie stars, sportsp… I’m sorry? … Oh *SILLS*!
Yes, right.

Beverly Sills was an American operatic soprano whose peak career was between the 1950s and 1970s. Although she sang a repertoire from Handel and Mozart to Puccini, Massenet and Verdi, she was known for her performances in coloratura soprano roles in live opera and recordings.

Sadly, Beverly shuffled off this mortal coil 12 years ago, but her motivational quotes (if she did ever give us this one – I can find no record) live on.

This one is nonsense though. Take Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane for example: nightmare to get to if you use Hanover Way; really easy if you choose to cut through Nether Green and Sharrow.
Or the V&A Waterfront: that main road in past British American Tobacco – traffic and tourists everywhere; cut down the back via Portswood Road though – it’s a breeze!

Beverly might have been really good at singing and being a posh neighbourhood, but she had no clue about finding the quickest route to anywhere decent.

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