It’s not long until our trip abroad, and I have been doing plenty of pre-planning (see here and here for examples).

I’m lucky enough to be well used to the odd weekend away and in the week leading up to my trip, I often plan blog posts for the couple of days that I may be out of internet range, writing time or indeed, any sort of inclination. I’ll normally pre-post a couple of short blogs which are carefully constructed (lol – like I ever “carefully construct” anything on here) not to have too much current content in them, simply to ensure that they’re not wildly outdated by the time they pop up.

It might seem like a silly thing, but I feel that there’s some weird value  in keeping this record of a blog post every single day since… ag… whenever it was. Also, there’s no going back once you’ve broken that run. And I’m not prepared to do that just yet.

Anyway, all this preamble is just delaying our arrival at the point of this blog post, which is that I don’t have a couple of days to pre-blog for for this trip: I have 3 weeks.


And so the plan is this: preserve the precious record by writing and scheduling a few posts now, and augment the overall content when and where possible when away, with exciting missives from Burgundy and correspondence from London. (A better writer would have magically managed some amazing alliteration here. Not me.)
That way, you might get more than you ever bargained for when you log in while I’m away. (Although I know you weren’t bargaining for much.)

If you have anything you think might need blogging, which will work despite having been written a few weeks early and which fits the overall character of 6000 miles…, you’re more than welcome to get in touch.

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