No point in digging

I found a map of antipodean points. It’s both interesting and disappointing.

The purple is the world map. You may recognise it from geography lessons at school.
The yellow is the world map superimposed upside-down on the purple map. Thus, you can see pretty much where you will come out if you were to dig a tunnel straight through the core of the earth and out the other side. Let’s ignore the science and heat and death and stuff for the purposes of this blog post.

The first thing you’ll notice is that wherever you live (unless it’s half of China or most of Argentina), there’s not much chance of you hitting anything but ocean if you give it a go. That’s because the surface of the earth is 70% water, so there’s not much land on land overlap.

And there’s no overlap in SA at all. Dig through from Cape Town and you only reach somewhere Pacific, rather than somewhere specific. In fact, the only “local” place worth tunneling from is Ngamiland South District in Botswana. Next stop: Hawaii.

Have shovel. Will travel.