New fone, who dis?

The battery has died/is dying on my Xperia. It’s now only as good as any other phone. And it gets a bit hot while it’s doing it. I’ve moved on to a Huawei that fell off the back of a Guru. It’s my first non-Sony phone since 2005.

New territory then, but the initial impressions are good. It’s pacey, has a few nice features, and is cool enough to hold while you’re using it. A couple of annoying things too, but nothing terrible.

Setting up has taken a while, despite everything being backed up on my Google account, but we’re up and running now. In fact, I’m even writing this post on it. Lovely.

Several gigs of photos and music will download overnight, and aside from connecting it to my car and the bluetooth speakers by the braai tomorrow, we’re all done.

I’m looking forward to trying out the camera(s) out over the next few days and weeks. Watch this space, I guess.

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