Mixed feelings

Actually, even since I wrote the title, they’re already becoming less mixed.

Because while these guys are very cute, all I can hear is their parents constant honking.

And as my regular reader will know, Egyptian Geese are far from my favourite birds.

Perhaps in an effort to prevent immediate slaughter by means of distraction, their chicks are quite cute. However, Mum and Dad are understandably very protective, which makes them even more unpleasant to be around: now they are noisy and aggressive.

And has it even worked? The neighbourhood Whatsapp group was abuzz with “six ickle chicks” messages earlier, but when I dutifully went out to get some pics, I could only find three. Have the others been sequestered away somewhere for safekeeping, or have they already been eaten by the neighbourhood cats? The one that tries to hang around about under our bird table would be my main suspect, and I would fully support a full-on anserine attack on it, whether or not any accusations of goosecide can be proven.

In the meantime, the next few weeks seem very likely to be full of goose noise.